Fattoria Casetta Rossa

``Today as yesterday, I instill the same passion and attention to detail, in bringing my fresh, healthy and genuine eggs onto Italian tables``

Down the Matese mountains, on the border with Molise, for over 40 years Fattoria Casetta Rossa has been raising its hens with care to produce quality, fresh and genuine eggs.
We care about our customers, in fact we are committed to offer them  a healthy product for their safe.

Story of an Egg

Eggs are a staple food of our diet. In Italy, each year 12 billion eggs are eated, that means 13,7 kg per capita consumption.
An egg contains only 78 kcal on average, but its high content of protein is about 6,5 gr. In other words, it’s the 13% of an adult's protein daily requirement. According to the regulations on labeling, eggs are a source of Vitamin A and B2; they are also rich of Vitamin D and contain choline, phosphorus, selenium, riboflavin, folic acid, biotin and iodine. Eating two eggs a day can improve the lipids in the blood.

Our Brands

Fattoria Casetta Rossa products
Fattoria Casetta Rossa distributes four egg lines, diversified by type of breeding, size and packaging materials.

Love for Pasta

Our brand-new egg products
This is our latest product at Fattoria Casetta Rossa: artisanal egg pasta produced in Italy with the so-called bronze drawing processing.


Food Italiae

Food Italiae is the agri-food chain that protects the typical features and safety of the products. It also enhances the territory, optimizes the distribution, reduces consumptions and promotes innovation.

Grigi Group

For over 50 years in the field of animal feeds, the Grigi Group today covers the entire agri-food chain, "from the ground to the table".